Motivating small businesses owners to invest in green measures.

The Challenge.

With stricter regulations on the energy efficiency of buildings looming in the near
future, the City of The Hague wants to make sustainability top of mind for its small and medium enterprises, and motivate them to invest in sustainable and energy saving measures. The municipality aims to pro-actively help its shopowners instead of policing on policy.

The Approach.

We conducted extensive research on the street with enterprises and in-depth
quality interviews to explore what drives enterprises and to understand what the
needs are they currently have. These consumer insights were supplemented with market research to see how the wishes of enterprises could be in line with best energy saving solutions available in the market.

Together with several departments from the municipality we worked on
strengthening the general messaging around sustainability and aligning their
messaging, making sure the municipality speaks with one voice.


The Result.

This collaboration helped the municipality of The Hague gain valuable insights
how entrepeneurs perceive the world around them, and what role sustainability
plays in their decision-making how to run their business. Shopowners are occupied
with running their day-to-day business. Linking sustainability to existing challenges
for entrepeneurs makes it easier to get sustainability top of mind.

We designed and implement a platform where local shopowners could see potential savings and easily purchase energy saving products. With a focus on relevant products that help enterprises improve their business the municipality now doesn't send messaging top-down,
but bottom-up. Standing next to its entrepeneurs.

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