Encouraging Kyoto residents to generate their own renewable energy.

The Challenge.

Japan has many natural disasters to deal with. After an earthquake or flood, sometimes inevitable power-offs occur. Kyoto City wants to give their residents the feeling of safety and preparedness for when they are cut off from the grid. Being self-sufficient through renewable energy with solar panels and a battery system is the way to go. Their challenge was creating a message that triggers the Kyoto residents' awareness and desire and offer an easy way of buying of these products in an easy and trustworthy way.

  “We learn by doing, always striving
towards improving the journey
until it delivers the ideal experience.”

The Approach.

To create a journey with steps that guide Kyoto residents through a decision-making process, we needed to start with understanding what the attitudes and beliefs are about power-offs and renewable energy. In the research stage we have done multiple interviews, uncovering insights that will help us create the rigth messaging and touchpoints of the journey. With the insights in hand, we could design the Customer Journey with the right messaging and a platform on which they could find out more about the products and buy them in an easy way.

Not only understanding in the consumer is necessary, suppliers who offer the product also have their own ways of thinking and working which need to suit the experience we have designed. Coaching and helping them adapt their journey to meet the Kyoto residents' need is an important step.


The first time we run a project, it's a learning process in which we trial and error and validate what the Kyoto resident actually needs. We learn by doing, always striving towards improving the journey until it delivers the ideal experience.

The Result.

In the 3 years we have run projects with Kyoto City, we have established a showcase for many other Japan cities and prefectures. We've been able to roll out experiences in Osaka, Hokkaida, Nagano and Iwate, amongst others. In total this has now led to over 6500 residents who have expressed their interest in renewable energy products and over 2000 people who have bought a solar panel or battery system.

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