Giving entrepreneurs the possibility to offer a worldclass customer experience.

The Challenge.

Building a company is one. Knowing your customer another. By creating a
smart customer journey portal we support innovative entrepreneurs in increasing
conversion, efficiency and customer experience. Allowing entrepreneurs to compete with e-commerce giants.

  “To learn more about what drives them,

we deepdived into human insights”

The Approach.

Customers that are buying solar panels need to feel in control of the steps they need to take to get the panels on their roof. With an online portal we put all the information of their purchase in one place, making it a single point that they need to go back to every time to take the next step in their process. This puts them in the drivers' seat, while Solar Concept has the chance to make sure their customers are prepared and expectations are managed.


The Result.

Delivering a great Customer Experience through Giddix, gives Solar Concept freedom to do what they do best: being
an entrepreneur in their technical field. Because the software is built data-driven and human-centered we are able to continually learn what their customers need and keep optmizing the Customer Journey.

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