Protecting London residents from rising electricity prices.

The Challenge.

To offer Londoners an affordable energy contract, we have been running Big London Energy switch with boroughs across London since 2013. Londoners have historically been a difficult audience to reach due to the high volume of businesses competing for their attention.

London borough councils have been more cautious about undertaking direct mails due to the relatively low response rate of 1%. Over the last 5 years the number of registrants in Ealing had plateaued in spite of the hard work the council team put in to promoting the scheme. In 2019 they totalled just over 1,000 registrants for the year and only achieved highs of 25% new registrants.

The Approach.

Together with the borough of Ealing we have tested and refined mailings based on consumer insights. We were confident we could realise results far higher than the
1% industry average. 

Campaign messaging has been developed, tested and refined over the last few years
based on behavioural design interviews and human insight interviews. This approach has enabled us to gain deeper insights into the pains and anxieties of consumers and use messaging to help remove and overcome these. An example of this is that although finances are of course important, consumers very much want a sense of control over the choices they make,
and don’t want to ‘go it alone’.


The Result.

iChoosr’s role in the process was to work closely with the council to understand their needs and concerns and to take the lead in shaping and delivering the campaign.

The impact of campaign was clear to see with more than 7,400 registrants signing up. 93% were first time registrants, and incomplete registrations were an all time low of 8%. To us, and the council, this demonstrated the success of this campaign in reaching a new audience.

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